Kaniz Mouli for Oakville-North Burlington

Putting our community first

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Oakville North-Burlington is a welcoming, beautiful, and vibrant community. From Bronte Creek to the escarpment, we are fortunate to have beautiful greenspace among our homes that we cherish and value as vital to our lives. After my husband and I got married, we moved to the Oakville North-Burlington community to lay down our roots and start a family. Oakville North-Burlington is our home.

A daughter of immigrants and proud Canadian, I understand hard work and commitment. I will fight so that everyone who works hard has a chance to succeed. Like many of our friends and neighbours, I was concerned about cuts being made. These cuts have an impact on our schools, hospitals, transit, and our children. Like you, I want to ensure that future generations have a better quality of life and chance to succeed.

As we are facing enormous challenges as a result of the pandemic, we need a representative at Queen’s Park that will listen to your concerns and fight for what matters to you.

Working together, we can ensure that our community is put first.

I ask you to support me for Oakville North-Burlington.


Kaniz is a successful management professional who has led strategy and transformation initiatives for large organizations.


Kaniz has both experience in the private and public sector having worked on Bay St in the financial sector and Queen’s Park.


A resident of Oakville North-Burlington, Kaniz is determined to fight for our local community.

Authorized by the CFO for the Oakville North-Burlington Provincial Liberal Association